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Silk Amino acids

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Silk amino acids is also referred to as Silk protein and Silk powder. It is a natural protein derivative that supports and protects the skins elasticity. Earth Skin & Eden value this natural nutrient for its beauty enhancing qualities!

DID YOU KNOW…Silk has been highly prized for its natural beauty and luxurious feel since ancient Asia introduced this natural wonder to the World!
It has since been recognised as a ‘vital skin protein’ by the cosmetic industry, for its vital skin strengthening properties. It works by feeding the skins elasticity structure with antioxidants and an abundance of amino acids, visually improving the skin texture for long lasting natural results. These naturally powerful protein properties infuse into the epidermis with ‘cellular repairing’ attributes!

Silk protein contains 18 types of naturally occurring amino acids. They all work to improve the skin elasticity and collagen productivity, without the use of chemical substances. These natural vital nutrients encourage ‘active repair’ and protect from existing, and future pre-mature aging.
Silk protein adds a natural healthy shine to the skin! It works by decreasing reflective light and softening the appearance of fine lines. A desirable attribute in the application of a fresh dewy appearance. Silk is also believed to reflect UV light.
This the natural master protein helps to support moisture levels by determining the skin surface humidity.
Silk, the intelligent substance- can either ‘retain or release’ moisture from within the skin surface. This makes silk vitally important when maintaining balanced skin health- free of white-heads, blemishes and any other skin imperfections!

Silk is naturally antibacterial. It draws excess oil from the skin surface minimising clogged pores, blackheads & other unsightly symptoms of pore infections, such as pimples.

Maturing and sun damaged skin will also benefit from the amino acids found within silk. By softening the visual appearance of sun damage and its effects, it equally balances moisture levels and helps to support elasticity degradation!

Silk amino acids are a true gem from nature- its long lasting glowing effects come with an abundance of Skin Health Benefits!
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Body Cleansing Crème-Vanilla Silk contains natural Skin Strengthening Silk amino acids.

Powerful Protein Properties

“Silk a natural protein derivative contains 18 Amino acids which work to improve skin elasticity, while balancing moisture levels! These vital amino acids soften skin like no other, physically improving the texture & appearance!” ESE creator

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Silk Amino acids contain ‘vital skin balancing properties’ with Silkening effects, which leaves your skin lustrous!  Silk is found in ese Masking Body Polish & Body Crème Cleanser Vanilla Silk to help support & improve the skin elasticity!

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