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Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea butter is used within earth skin & eden  natural body applications for its abundant supply of rich nutrients. Found to be deeply nourishing, while naturally hydrating the skin with enriching nutrients from the outside in. Shea nut nutrients contains vital skin Vitamins A, E, F and K. All of which help to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

Shea also contains a rich supply of essential fatty acids which help to support and naturally maintain healthy skin for healthy cellular formation.

Shea lovers beware… there are many forms of Shea butter *grades! Organic, pure forms are deeply nourishing, re-moisturising the skin with a naturally abundant supply of essential nutrients.

‘Processed’ Shea butter contains Less than 5% of beneficial properties!

*Essential fatty acids found within organic shea are, Oleic acid from the Omega 9 family group- Saturated Palmitic acid, Saturated Stearic acid and Omega 3 Linoleic acid. All being vital natural nutrient fat properties, viable for the health of skin. Combined these essential fatty acids have the ability to Plump & Protect the skin elasticity from existing and further pre-mature aging. Shea is also suitable for the vegan conscious!
DID YOU KNOW…essential fatty acids are commonly found within many forms of nature! Sourced from plants via some nuts, fruits and seeds, even some species of fish harbour these fatty acids. They all naturally nourish the body system from within!

What is beneficial to the Internal Body System naturally- is also nourishing for the Skin.

This wondrous natural plant fat is ‘world prized’ for its ability to protect the Skin. Birthed from ancient Africa this gem from nature, when in pure form, protects the skin from the harsh UV rays of the hot African sun. This natural sun-screening dates back to the ancient Egyptian era! Shea butter is still valued today- and used in Africa as a natural sun blocker with a claimed capacity to absorb ultra violet light! Organic Shea butter has also been independently trailed by natural health conscious consumers in the treatment of sunspots- with positive reversing results!

A Little Bit of History…Pigments within the deeper layers of the epidermis contribute to skin colour. These are formed by melanin, carotene and haemoglobin. An Ancient Rule- The sacred placings of ‘who governed where’ on the placement of the earth, was of deliberate design. Meaning the ancients were ‘geographically attuned’ to suit climate temperatures. From the rich deep depths of the dark earthy tones, closer to the equator- all the way through to the lightest of pastel pink hues- traditionally found furthest from the heat centres of the earth. Each were all descendants of their ground deep history!

The rich butter content is the naturally fatty and is found within the nut of the Shea tree.
DID YOU KNOW…THERE ARE DIFFERENT *GRADES OF SHEA BUTTER ranging from ‘crude to super refined’
Like all raw materials the less processing endured, the better the quality of nutrients still exist!
It is important to note, super refined Shea butter is processed using petroleum derived hexanes! 
 *Hexane is toxic yet, odourless substance. This man made chemical is used to draw’, bleach’ & smooth the natural grain-like texture of the nut butter. Hexane removes the mild nutty aroma that exists within Shea fat. Pure white & odourless forms of Shea butter have more than likely endured this process and contain Less than 5% of any Nutrient Value.
Raw and unrefined butter is extracted with Water! 
It has a thick butter-like texture, with variations of deep to pale yellow in the colour palette. A distinct, yet mildly nutty aroma still exists within the content.

Earth Skin & Eden use Fairtrade organic African Shea butter within our skin care applications.

‘REFINED Shea Butter’ is used widely in moisturising applications by the cosmetic industry for its claimed skin conditioning properties.
Only ‘organic Shea  butter’ benefits the skin with natural nutrients.
The longer the duration of use, the softer the skin becomes!
With all its abundant properties organic Shea butter truly is a gem from the ancient, yet magical plant world!
Why we love & use organic Apricot Kernel Oil…
Skin Silkening Body Lotion is light-weight, fast absorbing with no sticky aftermath.

Precious Plant Properties

“Organic Shea butter has an abundant supply of ‘naturally nourishing’ fatty acids. Found to be beneficial to the Health of Skin! Shea butter is the ‘sensible & naturally trusted choice in the Prevention & Repair of Stretchmarks during periods of body transformations; such as puberty & pregnancy! Use Organic shea to protect your skin.”  ESE creator

ese Eco Body

ESE have included Organic Shea butter within Masking Body Polish & Skin Silkening Body Lotion for its, Highly Beneficial Skin Moistening & Protecting Properties!

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