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Organic Apricot Kernel

Earth Skin & Eden use Organic Apricot Kernel oil within our body applications, for its abundant supply of skin nourishing essential fatty acids and Vitamins A,C & E.

Our Apricot Kernel oil is derived from Australian grown- organic apricots.

Apricot Kernel oil is lightweight in density, absorbing easily into the skin without any oily after feel.
In pure form Apricot Kernel oil is a long term favourite for massaging, as any excess is easily wiped from the skin.
Its gentle and nurturing properties make this nutritious plant oil, a natural & safe alternative for Baby Care!

Apply during nappy/diaper changes to cleanse, protect & nourish sensitive new skin. And rest assured- it’s naturally Antibacterial!
A ‘natural choice’ alternative to consider when treating dry skin, and mild fungal conditions.

Organic Apricot Kernel oil is also helpful when treating & preventing Stretchmarks. Its rich abundance of essential fatty acids are supplied from the Omega 6 & 9 families. And it’s these little fatty acids that caught Earth Skin & Eden’s attention…
Essential fatty acids found with the kernel-help to ‘seal moisture’ within the skin layers. This sealed deal is a viable asset when protecting & naturally nurturing the skin throughout all years of life.

The fat content found within the kernel- being so’nutritious in essential nutrients, makes this wonder plant a necessity, when choosing a natural anti-ageing strategy ingredient.

Organic forms of Apricot Kernel have the ability to protect the skin from damaging free radicals. These free radicals, strip nutrients from within the cellular structure, leaving the skin susceptible to premature aging.

The nutrients found within organic kernel, provide the skin with the nourishment required for Cellular Repair

Natural Vitamins A, C & E are also vital & beneficial properties to add to natural skin care.

These naturally powerful antioxidants, infuse the skin with much needed nourishment, leaving your skin luminously bright with a healthy glow.

Apricot Kernel oil also contains the essential mineral Potassium. This mineral, when absent or in poor supply within the human systematics, exposes dry skin effects- both physically & visually.
Of course, there are many reasons for dry skin. Such as too much fun in the sun or harsh chlorine subjection! Exposure to air conditioning, even inferior products, these all contribute to dry skin.
As much as these facts also contribute to the ageing of the skin- so too does your dietary intake!

DID YOU KNOW…Consuming foods that are high in alkaline properties do indeed cleanse the body system of excessive acids. They work by neutralising the after effects of a high acid intake! However to consume a diet of only high alkalising foods over an extensive period of time, may lead to dry skin conditions. Even digestive disorders & urinary system upsets.

It is best to maintain a ‘balanced natural food intake’ from All Natural Food Groups.
Eat as much Organic Produce as possible! Eat raw fruit & vegetables in abundance! Organic nuts & seeds in moderation, and lower your gluten intake as much as possible! Eat only good oils like coconut, olive & avocado. Avoid Canola & Soy oils. Drink an abundance of filtered/distilled water & minimise alcohol intake. Avoid cane sugar(unless organic), try coconut sugar as a low GI alternative.

Combine these practical measures with enjoyable exercise, a passionate past time, a career you love, with of course natural skin care rituals….and you & your skin will glow with Health & Happiness!

If your serious about caring for yourself & your skin naturally, review what you not only feed your body, but also what you feed your Skin!
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Close up Silkening Skin Silkening Body Lotion- all natural & emollient free. Vegan friendly, contains no Silk amino acids.

Precious Plant Properties

“Organic Apricot Kernel is rich in Essential Nutrients, Fatty Acids & Vitamins, vital attributes to include for Naturally Soft Healthy Glowing Skin” ESE creator

ese Eco Body

ESE use Organic Apricot Kernel within all our skin care for its abundant supply of ‘skin restoring’ Vitamin A! Gently nourish & protect your skin using ese Skin Silkening Body Lotion. Also found in Masking Body Polish & Body Cleansing Crèmes, Vanilla Silk & Rosewood Musk.

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