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“Earth Skin & Eden value this magnificent healing plant Organic Aloe Vera- as it contains such an abundance of beneficial properties our skin just cannot go without!”  ESE creator

Acknowledged by the ancient Egyptians for its ‘Healing Power’ is still today as viable as it was in ‘magical medicine’ times.
As a raw ingredient in organic form aloe vera is a favoured & trusted natural plant to include&nbsp within any natural beauty or natural health regime.

Abundant in active enzymes, organic aloe vera gently exfoliates lifeless cells from the skin, leaving it incredibly soft and smooth to touch.

The perfect natural choice for skin restoration, and natural anti-ageing strategies.
Organic Aloe vera is valued for its skin restoring vitamin content ACE, and its copious supply of skin loving minerals including Calcium, Zinc & Potassium.
The high mineral & vitamin content within organic aloe vera have proven to be highly beneficial to the physical appearance of skin- improving dry, irritated conditions swiftly, effectively and most importantly- naturally.

DID YOU KNOW…Organic Aloe vera contains over 70 active enzymes and Amino acids. Demonstrating its ability to be a true ‘Powerhouse’ of skin nourishing naturals. In its purest form, organic aloe vera benefits are countless- to both the internal body system as well as the external casing, the skin! From sunburn soothing- to taking the sting out of insect bites- all the way to aiding a healthy functioning digestive system…
Aloe Vera’s healing properties are naturally impressively diverse!

Organic Aloe Vera is believed to ‘boost’ the functioning of the Immune System- making it a priceless ingredient for supporting dietary skin issues, including eczema and dry scale-skin.
It is also a favourable plant of choice when treating & supporting dry skin conditions caused by external & environmental exposures. Such as too much salt & sun, pollution or lengthy subjection to air conditioning. Remember- these ‘daily factors’ play lead roles in the pre-mature ageing of skin.

Happy Holistic Tip…Raw aloe vera cut fresh from the garden can be used to directly apply to sunburn skin. Gently fillet (so not to bruise the plant flesh) to harvest the gel from within. Apply directly to the skin. It will have a slight sticky & tight after feel, but it instantly soothes & cools the burn! Apply frequently until the redness fades…and then practice ‘Sun Safety Sense’ to avoid sunburn in the future.

Organic is the best form of Aloe Vera to use for Medicinal Purposes! Known to naturally support & treat body inflammation, both inside and out.
Found to be useful in the natural support of Diabetes type 2- Irritable Bowel Syndrome- imbalanced Cholesterol levels, and even some forms of various cancers.
Organic Apricot Kernel…

Precious Plant Properties

“Organic Aloe Vera contains over 70 Active Enzymes, which gently exfoliate dull, lifeless cells from the skin! An abundant supply of skin loving Vitamins & Minerals naturally infuse the skin for a healthy, smooth, fresh glow. A true Skin Healing Plant!” ESE creator

ese Eco Body

Organic Aloe Vera gel is contained within ese Masking Body Polish & Body Cleansing Crèmes, Vanilla Silk & Rosewood Musk to gently exfoliate lifeless cells. ese Skin Silkening Body Lotion, ‘naturally nourishes’ to ‘repair & support’ Cellular Structure within your Skin!

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