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Highly regarded by the Mediterranean and Eastern Medicines for thousands of years, for its powerfully potent antioxidant properties. Grape Seed extract is still today one of the most wondrous natural miracle plants on the planet.
Its potent content consists of (Polyphenols) antioxidants- combined with concentrated strengths of Vitamin E, *Flavonoids & *Linoleic acid. These elements provide broad-spectrum benefits to both the internal body functioning and its external casing, the skin!
Grape Seed extract has the ability to repair and support the functioning of collagen production without the use of artificial chemical synthesis! This natural derivative is a vital asset to ‘good skin nutrition’ as well as being beneficial to the health of your Lymphatic System!
Grape Seed extract with the natural ability to protect the skin tissue from further damage- shares equal measure in repairing existing skin tissue damage. With these attributes this naturally potent antioxidant is a necessary ingredient to include in any natural daily beauty maintenance.

A Little Bit of Science…
The dermal layer is richly supplied with nerve fibres, blood vessels & lymphatic vessels and also contains Collagen. This fibrous tissue is connective material intertwining and providing support to the elastin proteins within the skin structure. Elastin protein determines the presence of elasticity within the skin appearance. Less protein in supply, the more rapid decline in skin strength and health. The dermal layer being a sensitive and complex region, is directly linked to the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System determines the quality of health in the life effect! It deserves to be nurtured by naturally supporting antioxidants!

*Flavonoids are organic compounds found in fruit and flowers. These organic compounds are beneficial to the human dietary intake for their abundant anti-ageing properties!
*Linoleic Acid (LA) is a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid from the Omega 6 family, also known as Vitamin F. This is found in a variety of foods-listed below. Rich in Vitamins C E & F, Grape Seed extract is a powerhouse antioxidant, a trustworthy component in the natural treatment and support of anti-inflammatory & anti-viral agent properties. Grape Seed extract is believed to naturally reflect UV light.
*Foods containing Linoleic Acid (LA) also known as Omega fatty acid 6 and Vitamin F.
Organic Hemp Oil and Seeds, Organic Almonds and Walnuts, Organic Free Range Egg Yolks, Pure Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil and Seeds, Wild caught Salmon(not farmed), Organic Poppy Seeds, Organic Flax Oil and Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Safflower Oil and Pure Grape Seed extract in powder and liquid forms. To gain the best beneficial healing properties from these food types- always ingest Organic Quality when and where possible!
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Masking Body Polish for a total Earthy Experience!

Precious Plant Properties

“Antioxidant Grape Seed extract is renewed for its ‘skin strengthening’ properties!  It improves the cellular structure of the skin by supporting elasticity & collagen production. The seed extract ‘plumps & firms’ the skin, visually improving the appearance!” ESE creator

ese Eco Body

Cellular Repairing Antioxidants found in Grape Seed extract are valuable to the skin. ESE has added this ‘Powerful Plant’ to Body Crème Cleanser Rosewood Musk, Masking Body Polish & Skin Silkening Body Lotion; to help ‘prevent & repair damaged skin, naturally!

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