Essential Oils

Essential Oils…& their Beneficial Properties

WHAT’S IN…ese Skin Care

Earth Skin & Eden use sustainable essential oils. Our choice of oils are derived from pure *resin or *steam distilled methods. This conscious choice ensures no hexane traces are in existence within the oil properties. No synthetic fragrances or perfumes are used within Earth Skin & Eden natural skin care.

DID YOU KNOW…Essential oils have been used since ancient times in many world wide cultures, for their powerful healing attributes.
Once regarded as the ‘magical oils of sorcery’ are still today proving themselves to be highly beneficial to both the physical and psychological aspects of human wellness and health.

Earth Skin & Eden include essential oils in all our skin care applications for each their healing properties associated with the skin.
We use subtle blends of essentials to ensure our strengths of aroma will not overpower.
Earth Skin & Eden love creating unique and earthy tones that complement the physical attributes of the skin. Our blends are designed to connect with the unconscious mind for a greater sense of natural wellness. Mild floral top notes upon application can be detected, dispensing to musky-wood or spice-wood based aromas- each creating a sense of peace & calm during use.

Our oils of choice…

Balsam is derived from the resin of the Balsam tree and has a sweet but slightly spicy aroma, with vanilla top notes.
Balsam ‘reduces the release of stress hormones’ calming the nerves & comforting the mind!
It opens the mind to a state of ‘acceptance’ for inner peace.
Balsam resin stimulates immune system functioning & blood circulation. This essential oil has the ability to reduce inflammation, making it topically useful in the treatment of bruises & spider veins.
Balsam resin has antibacterial & antioxidant properties, improving Skin Health.

Geranium is derived from the stems & leaves of the Geranium plant. This steam distilled Essential oil has a sweet floral aroma with a lasting spicy base note. An ‘uplifting tonic for nervous tension’
It has been found to be useful in helping to soothe anxiety & depression.
Geranium is also a Skin Balancing Tonic assisting with the ‘normalising output’ of Sebum Secretion from within the dermal layer.

Gurjun is extracted from the resin of the Gurjun tree. It gives an intense woody yet mildly spicy-vanilla-like aroma.
A Grounding oil found to be useful in lessening ‘aggressive emotions’ inducing a state of Tranquil Calm. The Perfect Essential oil for Releasing Stress!
Used in Ayurveda Medicine as a decongestant, clearing the sinus tracts of mucus for clearer breathing.
Also proven to be beneficial in the treatment of seasonal allergies & pollution induced allergy irritations!
Gurjun is ‘skin balancing’ with ‘antifungal properties’ This makes it a useful component in the treatment of dry skin conditions.
Also beneficial in the natural treatment & management of Eczema & Psoriasis.
A vital Essential Oil to include in natural skin applications to maintain a Healthy Clean Glow!

Patchouli derived from leaves of the Patchouli plant, is steam distilled oil has an intense woody but spicy aroma.
A perfect scent for both feminine & masculine sexes. Promotes a Sense of Balance, keeping the “mind objective’
Patchouli induces feelings of Positivity & a State of Calm.
A sharp mind stimulant useful for treating lethargy & Awakening the desire to get moving again!
Patchouli has germicidal properties useful in disinfecting & deodorising the Skin Naturally.
It’s a Moisturising Antioxidant aiding in Tissue Regeneration! Thus making it a vital essential oil to apply in the treatment & prevention of Scar Tissue!
This wonderful oil also Balances & Supports the Secretion of Sebum Production within the dermal layer, ensuring a Healthy Clean Glow!
Patchouli essential oil really is a valuable asset to apply to daily natural skin rituals!

Rosewood is extracted from the resin of the Rosewood tree. This precious oil acts as an Aphrodisiac!
A floral aroma infused with an earthy-wood like base, makes it a perfect combination of both feminine & masculine scents.
Calming the nerves & clearing the thought process to ‘Uplift & refocus the Mind!
Rosewood has deodorising antiseptic properties, found to be useful for treating Hormonal Body Odours!
It’s even a suitable ‘alternative choice’ in the natural treatment for fungal foot odours.
A known ‘stimulant to Metabolic Functioning it benefits the secretions of Circulation, Hormones, Digestive Acids & other essential body functions! Rosewood is ‘skin rejuvenating’ helping to maintain a healthy fresh glow.
Rosewood has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of Scars, Burns & Stretchmarks, aiding Cellular repair & prevention.
A vital Essential oil to include in daily skin care regimes!

Vanilla Bean a resin derived from the bean of the Vanilla Orchid. This familiar aroma many know & love.
Its relaxing, sweet-creamy like aroma induces feelings of Calm & Happiness, making it a useful Stimulant to Uplift the Mind to a Positive Perspective!
This sweet tranquil substance helps to induce a ‘good night sleep’ by lowering the blood pressure & relaxing the nervous system.
Vanilla resin is also a known Aphrodisiac! It boasts the ability to induce & ignite feelings of passion!
A relaxing substance is also ‘beneficial to the health of the Skin!
It contains Antioxidant Properties that have the ability to Neutralize Damaging Free Radicals. These cause degradation of cellular structure.
Vanilla Bean in pure Organic form, is a ‘powerful cell regenerating substance’ useful in maintaining a healthy functioning body system both inside & out!

*Resin extraction is a process of ‘incising the outer layers of the tree’ in order to collect the ‘healing sap’ from within.
This method is known as ‘tapping’ and does not harm the tree.
*Steam Distillation uses water to extract the oil from the plant matter. No toxic hexanes are used during the steam distillation process.

Original blends of Skin Loving essential oils gently perfume the skin for subtle effects.

Power Plant Properties

“Essential oils were once considered ‘powerful medicinal oils’  & are still highly regarded today for their Beneficial Healing Properties!  ESE skin care uses these precious attributes to nurture the skin as well as mind, for a greater sense of Beauty & Wellbeing.”  ESE creator

ese Eco Body

ESE essential oil blends are mild in aroma!  Designed to ‘create a sense of peaceful-calm through beauty’ while implementing healing properties within the cellular layers of the Skin! We use the power of these healing oils to ‘Inspire’ the unconscious mind, ‘awakening to new senses & clearer thoughts’

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