Natural Skin Care Company- WHO IS…Earth Skin & Eden

Not Just Another Skin Care Brand!
We are an Australian made, Natural Skin Care Company. The inspiration for our exceptional products comes from the belief of natural based living, aligning with environmental measures. Believing natural beauty can only be maintained by natural derivatives, our luxuriously unique blends are all original. ‘Creating natural skin care to promote healthy skin from an environmental foundation, is a true reflection of our passion for beauty. The peace found within daily skin maintenance is a personal adornment of self-love, it deserves to be maintained using only pure nature!’
Our Luxurious Spa Skin Care is naturally pure- when you apply earth skin & eden, daily showers become a Skin Nourishing Infusion! Welcome to Earth Skin & Eden
Earth Skin & Eden inspires daily Conscious Living! Designed to rejuvenate & balance both the skin & soul, our unique infusions hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. We use sustainable ingredients from earth & eden, and our eco method of body cleansing, naturally conserves water!
Our focus is on the environment, particularly water, because we genuinely care and are concerned with Australia’s lack of focus on this subject. Water is the life force of the planet, and we at earth skin & eden, don’t believe we should be ignorant or selfish when it comes to water matters. For many, unless you have experienced a shortage, you may not truly appreciate the true miracle water is.  Most take it for granted, because we have it abundantly flowing with a simple turn of a tap!  Copious amounts of precious clean water, unnecessarily waste down drains daily within our homes, usually accompanied by polluting petrochemical synthetics. 
We live on the driest continent in the world, Australia is not a place where we can afford to waste water. With our climate changing and summer’s breaking records, we must consciously adjust our lifestyle habits to suit the ever changing ways of life on a warming planet!

Earth Skin & Eden Mission Statement

To Provide, Support & Share Naturally Holistic Skincare, for the purpose of Eco Beauty & a Healthier Well Being.
Using Organic & Natural derivatives, that are Luxurious, Unique & Sustainable.

ese Eco Body

Skin Plumping Herbal extracts, Nutrients & Vitamins with Minerals to be exact! Antioxidants & Amino acids, all fruits good for the skin, a Salad from Eden contained within!

What's behind our name...

EARTH: gratitude for life, respecting all inhabitants & elements of the earth.
SKIN: respect for the health of humanity, providing natural & organic skincare holistically.
EDEN: love for all that is natural, using sustainable materials from earths garden to nurture & repair skin.

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