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Carrot Root extract

Carrot Root is one of the most commonly over cooked, and under rated vegetables on the table. Carrot root is a prized medicine gem from Eden!
So how precious is the humble carrot? This root extract has many beneficial properties, it can help maintain & support the healthy functioning of human systematics. This concentrated extract is a potent natural antioxidant, detoxifier, antiviral and stimulant- to list just a few of its marvelous plant properties. No wonder mum’s always say-…eat your carrots!

Carrot root is a powerful tonic- it contains concentrated levels of naturally occurring Vitamin A. This vitamin is proven to be beneficial to the skin, providing nurturing attributes for cellular repair, naturally.

Carrots are Cytophylactic- meaning that they have the ability to stimulate new cellular growth. They have proven to be a vital vegetable in fighting free radical damage naturally & safely. Benefiting both the internal body system as well as the external casing! Sun damaged skin- do not despair, carrot the humble wonder vegetable will help support the restoration of existing sun damage. It will also help support and prevent further free radical damage, using concentrations of cellular repairing Vitamin A.
Mature skin will also appreciate the beneficial properties of the beloved carrot. Its deeply nourishing and natural nurturing qualities, give the skin a revitalised fresh glow- even others will notice your refreshing new glow!
Remember- always practice Sun Safety Sense and prevent sun damaged skin and its side effects!

Carrot also acts as a cleansing Antiseptic- such a vital attribute to consider when balancing sebum production within the skin layers.
These skin disinfecting properties, can naturally help support and treat troublesome skin conditions, such as acne, and even eczema. Nappy/diaper rash- benefits from the healing support of infused carrot oil. Try this oil on common household burns and wounds.

DID YOU KNOW… When ingested carrots act as a stimulant the blood, by increasing enzymes, which kick start efficient organ functionality-for a cleaner body system! Carrot cleanses the digestive system- illuminating creatures (known as parasites) from the bowel tract! If your feeling bloated & backed up within the lower regions- carrot juice and a dose of coconut oil will help to clean, soothe and maintain optimal digestive health again.

This extract is also great for flushing the urinary tract of irritating bacteria- naturally and safely. Remember- carrot is a diuretic and will require an increase of further water intake to effectively flush the urinary system. Blood within the urine should seek expert medical advice from a professional practitioner.
Carrot stimulates hormone secretion- naturally assisting in the support of stabilizing the menstrual cycle for a more regular & less painful flow.
This wonder extract has even been known to effectively support the natural treatment of some forms of skin cancer.
The benefits of the humble carrot are endless to the human body- both inside & out. A true asset to natural medicines, so add some carrots to your life.

*Always seek professional health care and advice before ingesting any quantities of Carrot Root or Seed extract. Organic is best when using all forms of carrot for medicinal purposes. Carrot (concentrations) contain High Doses of Vitamin A- known to be harmful to human intake in large quantities.

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“Carrot Root extract is a powerful Natural Antioxidant that Detoxifies the Skin! The Vitamin A content of the root extract supports Cellular Repair; transforming the Appearance of the Skin, providing a youth-like fresh dewy glow!” ESE creator

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ESE has included Carrot Root extract within our Skin Care range, for its ‘cellular repairing properties’ Enhance the Appearance of Your Skin using Skin Silkening Body Lotion, Masking Body Polish & our unique Body Cleansing Crèmes.

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