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Mineral Clay Properties

Earth element mineral clay is a rich source of essential minerals, derived from inner surface of the earth. Clay has been recognised and valued for its cleansing, detoxing and healing abilities by many ancient cultures since the beginning of recorded times. Used in sacred ceremonies, clay cleansed not only the skin, and rid the body of disease- but also ‘cleansed the spirit’ freeing it once again from impurities!
Mineral clay is still today a viable attribute to include in skin applications. Natural medicinal treatments use the healing mineral traces found within the different varieties of clay.

Mineral Clay is beneficial in healing, soothing and detoxifying the epidermal layer of the skin. Some cultures believe it is a viable choice to naturally treat and rid the inner body system of disease.

Clay contains many Essential Mineral Traces. The most common of these are Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Chromium, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Iron & Copper. All of which are beneficial minerals to the human body system- in one form or another.
Potassium has the ability to assist in water content & balance within the body tissues & cells making it a useful mineral when treating & reducing Cellulite. Swollen joints & fluid retention within the legs & feet also benefit from this mineral.
Sodium is found in the fluids surrounding the skin forming cells. Useful also in treating Cellulite & fluid retention.
Phosphorus is found to be a major bone component in the human body.
Chromium helps to build muscle & is useful during Weight Loss. Chromium also be a helpful mineral in Detoxifying the Epidermal Layer, useful when treating Cellulite!
Magnesium is ‘cell regenerating’ making it a useful mineral in the treatment & support of Stretchmarks & Scar Tissue! This mineral is vital in bone protection and has been found to prevent & treat muscle & body aches within the human system. Magnesium may also be helpful in treating & gradually removing skin adhesions, such as warts & skin tags. A direct application is useful in eradicating pimples also!
Zinc is for the ‘healthy functioning’ and Multiplication of Cell Formation & Production!
Calciumis found to be the most abundant mineral in the human body. It is for strong teeth & bones, required for Healthy Nerve Responses & Muscle Contractions. Calcium is also useful in the treatment of Skin Blemishes.
Manganese Activates the Skin Enzymes, correcting imbalances during hormonal changes, like Ageing! Helpful in treating skin blemishes & irritations.
Iron not only required for producing haemoglobin to carry oxygen from the lungs to cells, but also useful in Treating & Preventing Blemish-free Skin!
Copper a deficiency in this mineral leads to weakened blood vessels, contributing to varicose & spider veins and more dramatically, nerve damage.

Mineral Clay is the base ingredient found in Masking Body Polish. Earth Skin & Eden use australian mineral clay, white kaolin.
Its naturally cleansing and soothing abilities encourage optimal skin health.
‘The skin absorbs what it contacts- protect it naturally, purely.’

DID YOU KNOW…Some cultures since the dawn of time, and still today ingest’ mineral clays. Used as a natural detoxifying cleansing rituals.
Believing these minerals have the power to absorb- they remove toxic impurities from all body systems, filtering the blood. These impurities otherwise lay in wait to cause aliments, illness and disease within the body systematics.

Earth Skin & Eden do not recommend the consumption of mineral clays, without first seeking the guidance and advice from a experienced professional in this field. Only particular varieties of clays are used- in specific measures, regarding this natural detoxifying treatment.
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Masking Body Polish

Powerful Precious Minerals

“Clay is rich in Essential Mineral content & benefits the skin by gently infusing Nourishing Nutrients into the epidermal layer. Masking Body Polish encapsulates the skin, Clarifying Imperfections & Infusing Minerals, to leave you feeling Soft, Smooth & Glowing like never before!”  ESE creator

ese Masking Body Polish

ese Masking Body Polish is a Unique & Luxuriously Earthy experience! Containing Australian Mineral clay, to Soothe the Skin while Gently Drawing Impurities. This Encapsulating Body Treatment will Leave your Skin Completely Rejuvenated!

Your Skin...

Absorbs what it Contacts…so feed it well!  Rid your skin of toxins & petrochemical applications. Begin a Natural Beauty Regime for Optimal Skin Health & a Greater Sense of Well Being!  Use ese Masking Body Polish, to Visually Improve the Health & Visual Appearance of your Skin!

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