Chemical Intake leads to a Disconnect between the Body & Mind Connection!

This imbalance within our own personal power & self-healing abilities, causes a state of deprivation leaving our beings susceptible to the loss of our own natural well being.
conscious loss
Chemicals within the blood stream have the ability to hijack our thoughts- altering a healthy strong mind, into a weakened state of depression & anxiety.
A chemically infused body is an unhealthy system which has the potential to cause unconscious blurred vision within ones own moral perception of life. This global human condition prevents many from living to their full potential and has plagued the earth with the epidemic known as the silent poisoning.
A lot of synthetic chemicals used within skin care applications(& household products) have ‘narcotic-like’ side effects, which temporarily alter the biochemical balance inside the body.

Although these chemical agents found within unnatural skincare applications may be in small quantities, they are still toxic when frequently applied, which is usually daily sometimes even twice or more!
WHY?…’Atopic applications absorb’ through the epidermis to the Lymphatic vessels(found in the dermal layer) of skin structure. These foregein substances find way to the bloodstream. Chemicals within the bloodstream alter the Central Nervous System Functionality.
Neural activity in both the brain and body communications begin to misinterpret ‘brain to body’ messages. They cross wire, by slowing down or speeding up body mind messages. These misinterpretations include and affect physical movements, vital organ functionality & even our conscious thought process!
Humans were not built for the in gestation of chemicals, just as the environment was not either!

We only need to look at the world around us to see the destruction chemicals have caused to our beautiful planet. So how can we possibly assume that we as human beings, will be immune from the threatening damage, chemicals cause both internally & externally to our beings- our bodies?
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To be consciously aware of what you choose to use in way of skincare and in & around your home, is vital to the health of not only you, but those you love!
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If you feel overwhelmed by clouded mindset a ‘review of lifestyle’ is the essential place to start when it comes to altering your state of mind! How you choose to care for yourself as a ‘wondrous being’ reflects not only on your external appearance, but more so within your mindset.
Chemicals within the bloodstream have the ability to alter your homeostasis programming, causing immunity disorders within the human systematics. The first system to deplete, is the burning energy centre, known as the digestive system.
The digestive system becomes sluggish, slowing down metabolism and causing weight gain alongside fluid retention interferences. Even the accumulation of body waste now has time to block & poison the colon tract as it lays in wait to pass. As the cycle continues…we feel tired, bloated & irritable- and on the hunt for a temporary comfort, found in various habitual behaviours to fulfil the negative state we are feeling!
More often than not our comforts are found in different forms of further chemical intake.
This negative cycle of modern life holds many folk at ransom in their own minds!
Weakened by the influx of a ‘constant chemical top ups’ within the bloodstream, we become disconnected from the conscious levels, within our inner-beings.
We lose our way, we lose our connection to the universe, we become a slave to mankind & modern society conventions. We find ourselves loosing our own purposeful focus, how to live a fulfilling, naturally eco lifestyle which aligns with nature.
Never before, has the empowerment for the world to become more conscious of the dangers of chemicals, been so forefront! This global awakening is the birthing of the eco revolution. This inevitable movement is how we can begin to heal, saving ourselves and our planet!

We all have a purposeful meaning in life. Not one of us was born to just exist a mundane monotonous lifestyle.
Each & All are beautifully unique, with a purpose, a craft we are passionate for and know more about than we could even begin to imagine.
Have you ever met someone who is just so talented at something they have no former training in, they just have a knack for it? You probably know someone like this, if not yourself! The observation and acceptance of an inner knowing, keeps with it answers for you to seek and uncover. This conscious awareness plays in effect on how your life will play out, from here on.
Our mindset dominates our life progression. Every minute we are awake it pays to guard & positively refocus your thoughts with clear conscious wholesome choices. Mastering the ability to do so, positively alters your life.
As intelligent beings we have the power to choose our thoughts, which govern our mind set- inturn determine our life paths.
If you find yourself changing, expanding and opening to a New Conscious Awakenings, you will soon discover a
Desire to Live Naturally- giving with it a Sense of clarity, focused purpose & inner peace.

Let’s leave a Legacy on how to right what’s wrong!

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